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Review of Three Middle Eastern Restaurants in Detroit, Michigan by Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros October 20, 2020

Detroit Michigan RestaurantAsya Middle Eastern Cuisine is located at 31011 John R. Road in Madison Heights which is a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. This is the first restaurant Asia Shaya-Rayis has opened. When she was looking for the perfect place, she found a busy intersection at John R. and 13 Mile where she secured the lease. The place was originally a psychic reader’s shop and only had four walls and a window. She painted the walls, installed the tiles and countertops as well as the kitchen equipment.

Asia is the oldest of seven children and was raised in a suburb of Bagdad. Her father was a wealthy restaurant owner was diagnosed with cancer in the late 70’s. He was able to go to the United States for treatment and was ultimately cured. He fell in love with the people in American and vowed to move his family here. Since this was the era of Saddam Hussain, he had to make the move quietly liquidating his assets and moving all of the family but his oldest daughter and himself to Detroit.

Asia went to school for a year to learn English and worked as well. She married and had two girls and a boy. As she raised the children, she had two jobs in addition to raising her family. That was when she began to dream of opening Asya Middle Eastern Cuisine.

When it was time, Aisa gathered all of her family’s recipes and picked the best ones to serve in her restaurant. Her success had earned her a four-point-four-star rating on the internet with over two hundred reviews.

Located in the Dearborn section of Detroit, Michigan is Haneeth House. It was founded in 1986 by Yemeni Executive Chef Yahya Alsubia. He immigrated to the United States in 1958 and brought with him the love of Yemeni cooking that he learned in his parent’s kitchen. His first restaurant was the successful Yemen Café in Brooklyn, New York and was considered the first Yemeni Restaurant in America.Detroit MI Restaurant

Since Chef Yahya had family in Michigan, he decided to bring his unique cuisine to Detroit. He worked with friends and family to to open Haneeth House which employs over twenty immigrants to this day.

The rich Yemeni history has become a welcome addition to Detroit. There are over one hundred positive posts on Google giving them a four-point-three-star rating.

Located on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan is Al Ameer Restaurant that opened in 1989. They start the day with Middle Eastern breakfast specialties then move onto lunch and dinner serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

Detroit Michigan Restaurant PhotoConsidered the largest Middle Eastern restaurant in Wayne County, Al Ameer has over thirteen thousand square feet of space. The distinctive flavors in the Mediterranean diet are known to be very healthy and many people subscribe to this diet to lose weight.

They have over two thousand three hundred evaluations on Google with a four-point-three-star rating. The owners Khalil Ammar and Zaki run their restaurant with their sons and very dedicated staff.

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