The Beauty of Concrete Staining by All Around Surfaces in Sioux Falls, South Dakota August 6, 2020

Concrete staining has gained in popularity in the last few years. Not only is it attractive, it can withstand all types of weather, survives heavy vehicles and items and does not need a lot of maintaining.

concrete-staining-floor-sioux-falls-sdOnce of the nice things about concrete staining is you don’t have to have newly install concrete to have it done. A professional who can do concrete stain, like All Around Surfaces in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, can bring your old cement back to life.

There are all sorts of places where concrete staining can be done. Some homeowners like to have large rooms as well as walls stained. Other places to do concrete staining is on countertops of kitchens, fireplaces, walkways and patios.

There are two types of concrete staining, acid-etch and water-based. Water-based staining allows you to choose from a broader base of colors. You can even have a metallic tint with a water-based stain. Acid-etched staining has mostly earth-tone colors, but they can look very rich.

Water-based stains are easier to clean up than acid-based as all you need is soap and water. When cleaning up after an acid-based stain the concrete needs to be rinsed and the water needs to be contained and properly disposed of.

It is not recommended that concrete staining be done over surfaces that were previously covered. Some of these items include grease, sealer waxes, sealers, glues or paint. These items can be removed by sanding the concrete prior to buffing and staining the concrete.

Keep in mind that if your concrete is older, there may be some cracks, chips or grease stains. Grease stains can be removed with a degreaser that will get into the pores of the concrete and lift the grease up. The crack and chips can be repaired but the concrete cannot be buffed until the concrete is dry. The buffing machine has stripping pads that flatten out the surface and remove any stain, grease or what have you on the concrete.

After the concrete has dried, if it is older concrete, a small amount of the stain will be applied to see how the color will look. This allows us to know that the concrete has been properly cleaned and stripped before we begin the process of concrete staining. concrete-staining-sioux-falls-sd

After the concrete stain is applied, we need to let it dry. Once it is dry, a sealer will be applied to the concrete to preserve the beauty of the newly stained concrete.

All Around Surfaces in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has over twenty years of experience in concrete staining. Our team of professionals have been in many homes around the area to do concrete staining and customizing the colors to the owners’ request. Concrete staining can be very elaborate, and we have had requests to have favorite team logos stained to their floors.

The floors are very shiny which will light up even the dingiest room. Not only have we done concrete staining in residential homes, we have done it in many office buildings as well. Because it is so durable, you don’t get the wear and tear you can on carpet and begin to see worn down paths weaving around the place.


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