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Sioux Falls House Cleaning Service Reviews 3 Restaurants Near Sioux Falls, South Dakota June 23, 2020

Sioux Falls SD Restaurant ClassicPheasant Restaurant & Lounge is located at 726 Main Avenue S in Brookings, South Dakota about fifty-six miles from downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They are the oldest full-service restaurant in Brookings and is owned and managed by a local family.

The building that Pheasant Restaurant & Lounge is located in was originally a gas station café that sat on the edge of town. The restaurant opened in 1949 and is considered an upscale-casual dining establishment.

Any restaurant that can boast they have been run by three generations should get a strong rating on the internet. And they do: four-point-five stars with close to three hundred reviews.

Nick’s Hamburger Shop was established in 1929 by husband and wife team, Harold and Glady’s Nikalson. It is worth the sixty-one-mile drive from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to their location at Fifth Street and Main Avenue in Brookings, South Dakota.

The Nikalson’s moved to Brookings from Spencer, Iowa with the dream of opening a hamburger stand similar to the popular Swezey hamburgers in Iowa. The hamburgers use a tank fry method that locks in the beefy goodness and brings people from all over. On Hobo Day in 1947 the tiny shop with only twenty stools and very little standing space sold four thousand four hundred and fifty hamburgers. It was mainly because their collage was playing their archrivals the University of South Dakota.Sioux Falls South Dakota Restaurant

Back then the hamburgers at Nick’s Hamburger Shop sold for five cents. Today, they sell for two dollars. Harold ran the business until 1947 when his son, Harold, Jr. too over the business. Harold, Jr. ran the business until 1975 when he sold it to a guy who had worked in the restaurant while he was in high school and college. Currently it is owned by Dick Fergen who attended Brookings High School in the 1960’s.

It is clear to see that this Brookings institution is not going anywhere soon. They have not changed the way they serve the hamburger which is on a piece of wax paper (this cuts down on a lot of dishes!) They have over six hundred positive evaluations online with a four-point-seven-star rating.

Sioux Falls SD Restaurant PhotoLos Tapatios is located at 204 Egan Avenue S in Madison, South Dakota about fifty-one miles from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Owners Beto and Jada met in Madison, South Dakota where they got married.

Soon after having their first child, Beto and Jada opened Los Tapatios a dream they had together. Beto was raised in Mexico in the state of Jalisco where the people are known as Tapatio, thus the name.

The restaurant is in the old Skipper’s Pizza place, but they kept on the tradition of serving Skipper’s pizza. With over two hundred and thirty posts on the world wide web they have scored a four-point-six-star rating.

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