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Tampa Hood Cleaning Pros Reviews Three Pizza Restaurants in Tampa, Florida April 30, 2020

Many people who have a passion for pizza will attend the Pizza School New York. The school was established in 1992 and classes are held at the original Goodfella’s of New York. They call their instructors master trainers and consist of the owners and founders. Students graduate from the school with all knowledge about the art of preparing and baking pizza.

Tampa Florida RestaurantWood Fire Pizza Wine Bar is located at 2822 E. Bearss Avenue in Tampa, Florida. It was established as a place friends can meet in the old-world tradition and enjoy a casual meal with drinks.

At Wood Fire Pizza Wine Bar, they don’t believe in using gas or electric ovens. They believe the only way to cook a pizza is using quality ingredients and cook on a wood fired oven. Chef Peter Taylor did a lot of research and found pizza got its beginnings in Naples, Italy.

Chef Peter Taylor quit his job in the corporate sector after twenty years. In that time, he traveled to some of the worlds renowned pizza regions and studied how they made their pizza. Traveled from New York to Arizona trying the best pizza places and decided he would combine the best of what they had to offer. He says his pizzas are one-third, New York, one-third Neapolitan and one-third him.

Taylor spends his time in the restaurant cooking pizzas in his six-foot wood fired oven. The thin crust bubbles and gets dark blisters on the edges. No wonder they have over a four-star rating with over five hundred internet posts.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria has locations all over the United States including one located in the WestShore Plaza in Tampa, Florida. The first Grimaldi’s Pizzeria opened in Brooklyn, New York in 1990. The original restaurant in New York moved next door to an abandoned bank where it was renovated into a restaurant in 2011.Tampa FL Restaurant Photo

The founder of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria was Patsy Grimaldi. He started making pizzas when he was ten years old when he worked at his uncle’s restaurant in 1941. He originally wanted to open the first Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Manhattan but coal oven were illegal there. Thus, opening the first one in Brooklyn.

Patsy wanted to retire in the late 1990’s so he sold his franchise to Frank Ciolli. Frank expanded the franchises and kept the same great recipes. The success of the Tampa, Florida one shows in the positive reviews on the web with well over a thousand of them.

Tampa FL RestaurantLee’s Grocery at 2210 N. Central Avenue in Tampa, Florida was established in 1884. Sadly, it became a magnet for nefarious loiterers and drug-users in the 1990’s. It did prevail and up until about four years ago it stayed as a neighborhood grocery store.

When current owner, Jennifer Hatchcock, purchased the place with the intent on making it a pizza restaurant that served craft beer, she decided to keep the name, Lee’s Grocery, as it was iconic in the community.

Jennifer has the recipe for success as the place is rarely empty. The only day they are closed is Mondays much to the chagrin of their clientele. They have a strong four-point-eight-star rating online with over five hundred evaluations.

Tampa Hood Cleaning Pros have been serving the greater Tampa, Florida area for years. They do hood cleaning to the National Fire Protection Association standards. Pizza places are not exempt from having their hoods cleaned, however they may not have it done as often as most restaurants. However, it is recommended when they do need it done, they should use a professional hood cleaning company.


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