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Water Damage Clean Up Vacation February 18, 2019

Well I finally decided to take a vacation from my water damage clean up business.  Yes, I know that most people find that interesting as most normal folks take vacations regularly.  Living here in Las Vegas and being the sole owner of my water damage clean up business I find it a bit difficult to leave my crew alone here in charge.  Actually, it’s my son and cousin who run the business while I’m gone but that really doesn’t say much. With a population over 2 million now and growing rapidly, there is so much work it’s crazy. It’s also very easy to get distracted living here in the entertainment capital of the world and the Las Vegas Strip.las vegas water damage clean up

The one really good thing about going on vacation is that I’ve actually found a water damage clean up business that is for sale down in Cabo San Lucas where my wife and I are traveling to on vacation.  I have a lot to check in to in regards to owning a business in Mexico and I’m not too sure that I have enough trust in the Mexican government to actually do that.  Although, it would be pretty cool to own a water damage clean up business in Cabo and fly back and forth to Las Vegas all the time on company dollars.  I’ve even found some great flight opportunities through Southwest Airlines that leave here from Vegas. I guess I’ll let the cards fall where they may.

So we arrive in beautiful Cabo where we are bombarded by the local tour companies that are trying to recruit us to go to a Hilton timeshare presentation.  Man, these guys are relentless and just don’t stop.  We finally get into our cab and now we’re off to Cabo San Lucas where we’re staying at the Casa Del Prado with about 16 other people that we’ve arranged to meet.

Once we were checked in, we met up with our friends that were already there for a nice cool cocktail at the swim up bar.  God knows we needed a cocktail after the extremely bumpy flight.  My buddy asked me to run back to his room to see a new tech gadget that he brought so we proceeded there.  Oh my gosh – we walked into a water shower.  The entire room was basically a complete shower.  We called for assistance and the water damage clean up crew came speeding to our request.  This is the funniest and weirdest thing of all is that the head of the water damage clean up team turns out to be Jimenez.  Jimenez, of all the people in the world, is the owner of the Cabo water damage clean up business that I was going to meet with.  What is the chances of meeting the guy you went to Cabo for in his own emergency response situation.  When I told him who I was and that we actually had an appointment tomorrow morning he didn’t believe me.  I had to bust out one of my water damage clean up business cards from our business at home, Las Vegas Environmental Pros.  He was so shocked.water damage removal las vegas

Anyway,  turns out that the guy has an awesome water damage clean up team and they really did an excellent job.  I’m in negotiations with this guy as I think it’s going to be a great fit.  It’s kind of ironic that I want to be in Mexico and he wants to leave and go to the United States so that he can be with family.  This truly is a bizarre world that we live in as no one seems to be happy where they are.

I went over to my buddy’s room the next morning and the job was well done.  I cannot believe that there was absolutely no signs that there had been a major water damage clean up job performed there last night.  On top of it all, the lovely hotel gave my buddy two nights free for the inconvenience.  He ended up buying all of us some cocktails later on in the vacation from his savings.

So now it’s back to Las Vegas. We actually live in Summerlin which is just northwest of the McCarran International Airport. It’s been a great trip and now I want to find some American food somewhere near my home. Fighting that bad stomach that you always get coming back from a foreign country.

By the way, my buddy is in the professional hood cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning business.  He asked me to leave a link to this great article so that if anyone ever needed that service.



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