Answers to the Top Hood Cleaning Questions for Commercial Kitchens November 21, 2018

Houston Hood Cleaning has dozens of clients in the Houston area.  Here are some answers to the most frequent questions.

How often should we have our hood cleaning done?

Hood Cleaning Houston TexasThat depends on the type of kitchen you have.  If you have a system that serves solid fuel cooking, you should have hood cleaning done monthly.   We do have some restaurants that have standard high volume that have their hood cleaning done monthly at the very least every other month.

For twenty-four-hour restaurants it is recommended you have hood cleaning done quarterly.  This is most common in hotels and restaurants.  For moderate volume cooking, you may be able to have the hood cleaning done semi-annually.  We find that usually applies to schools as they are only serving lunch.

Commercial kitchens in senior centers, churches, seasonal businesses and day camps usually have their hood cleaning done annually.

This falls under National Fire Protection Agencies (NFPA) 96 Standard.  We work with our clients to create a maintenance schedule that works around their restaurant hours and seasonal rushes.

How long does it take to do hood cleaning?

That depends on a few factors.  The first cleaning may take longer because there is more grease and grime build up.  But, once we have a client on a regular schedule, it usually takes three to four hours if we send out a crew of two to three.

How much does it cost to do hood cleaning?

That depends on the size of the kitchen, how much food is prepared in the kitchen and how many hoods, fans and the structure of the duct work.  Our professionals are happy to come out and give you an estimate.  Keep in mind, if you have your hood cleaning on done on a regular basis, there will be a cost savings.Hood Cleaning Houston TX

Why can’t I use my staff to do my hood cleaning?

Grease is a tricky thing and can get into all sorts of nooks and crannies on your kitchen.  It can even gather on your rooftop creating a real fire danger.  Having a professional do your hood cleaning is a smarter and safer way to be sure the job is done right.  Plus, you will get a certification that your hood cleaning was done professionally which helps when the local health inspector drops by for a surprise inspection.  An added bonus is you can prove to your insurance company you are doing everything possible to prevent fires.

Okay, answering those questions has made me hungry.  Here are some restaurants in the Houston area we recommend.

Bosscat Kitchen & Restaurant is located in Highland Village.  Featuring Chef Peter Petro, Bosscat combines contemporary flavors with American comfort food.  Featuring meals that is sure to please any pallet, Bosscat Kitchen & Restaurant has seasonal menu’s, so you are sure to have a new choice each time you visit.

Oporto Fooding House & Wine is located in the Fourth Ward, Midtown, Montrose.  This restaurant is a Portugese-inspired food place that is the dream of Chev Rick and Shiva Di Virgilio.  It is a mash-up of a restaurant and bar, café and bakery.

North Ilalia has its Houston location in downtown Houston.  They have restaurants from Virginia to California and are passionate about crave-worthy Italian food.  With meals made from scratch you are sure to find something to please your pallet.


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